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“This is an extremely rare condition,” the doctor said to me as he was detailing the anomalies of my son’s heart. I left the room where he talked to us and discovered there were two other children in the hospital with the same “rare condition” my son had and another would be admitted before Alex was discharged. Within days I had started a fledging support group comprised of 4 unlikely families — a military family, a teacher’s family, a nurse’s family and a mother with a newborn — all of us from different cities, different walks of life but with one very important thing in common — hypoplastic left heart syndrome — a jumble of words none of us had ever heard of before.

I think the need to talk to others is fundamental. We all need to know that we’re not alone. We crave understanding, support and acceptance. I think that’s why MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google and so many other social media sites exist. People have an intense need to be part of something bigger than themselves.

The congenital heart defect (CHD) community now has a unique opportunity to interact with one another while discussing topics of interest with one another. Just this year, 2017, Hearts Unite the Globe (HUG) has launched two brand new podcasts — Heart to Heart with Michael and Heart to Heart with Nicole and David while continuing to also produce Heart to Heart with Anna, which has just begun its 9th Season of programming. Well over 100 Guests have been on these 3 podcasts and interacted with one another but now the Hosts and Guests will have an opportunity to interact with their Listeners, too.


Hearts Unite the Globe (HUG) has created a chatroom with Paltalk. Now on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 11:00 Central Time (USA), people will be in the HUG Podcast Chatroom listening to one of the podcasts and talking with Listeners. It will be a chance for people to share their own stories, to comment on that week’s podcast or to ask a question of the Guest(s). This is an opportunity for our community to interact in a meaningful way.

Won’t you join us? It’s very easy to interact with us. Yo install PalTalk:

1. Go to Paltalk
2. You will see
Join Our Global Video Chat Community
Video Chat.
Then the words
“Free Download” — click on it.
3. On the bottom of your screen it will ask you if you want to run, save or cancel; click on run. Then allow your computer, phone or tablet to accept the program by clicking on Yes.
4. Click on “I agree” if you agree to their terms of use and it will start the download process.
5. When that is done, it will ask you for a nickname, password and email address.
6. After filling everything in you are then connected to PalTalk
7. Find HUG Podcast Chatroom and then you can join our discussion Tuesday-Thursday at noon Eastern Time (USA) through the programs (the Admin will play the show so we can all listen together). Feel free to chat via text in the room while the show is going on so you don’t have to remember your questions at the end. When the program is over, we’ll discuss the questions and comments that have been posted and the microphone will be open to talk with us and share questions, comments or thoughts.
• Tuesday at noon Eastern Time (USA) is Heart to Heart with Anna
• Wednesday at noon Eastern Time (USA) is Heart to Heart with Nicole and David
• Thursday at noon Eastern Time (USA) is Heart to Heart with Michael
• New episodes of these 2 programs will air at the beginning of the month and will be repeated throughout the month but since the chat is interactive, every week will be different. Come back every week to meet new members of your community and to weigh in on that month’s program. It’s a great opportunity, too, to let our Hosts know if you’d like to be a Guest on their program!