“Heart to Heart with Anna” has Babies!

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Okay, that title may be a bit misleading. Anna is certainly not having babies at this point in her life but her podcast has had two brand new podcasts spin off from her program!


Loyal Listeners to Heart to Heart with Anna will recognize the voices of the Hosts of Heart to Heart with Nicole and David. Nicole Vickery and David Franco are both Heart Warriors. Their podcast will empower the adult congenital heart defect community. Nicole is a tetralogy of Fallot Heart Warrior and David is a cc-transposition of the great vessels Heart Warrior. You can listen to Heart to Heart with Nicole and David any time on Spreaker.


The 2nd “baby” to spin off from Heart to Heart with Anna is Heart to Heart with Michael. Many faithful Listeners have heard Michael Liben’s voice. He came on Heart to Heart with Anna when she went around the world in Season 7 when he talked to Anna about healthcare for CHD Heart Warriors in Israel and he’s been on a number of Anna’s LIVE episodes. Michael’s precious daughter, Liel, passed away when she was just a teenager. Michael’s program intends to empower the bereaved community. His first Guest was Nancy Jensen. You can listen to Heart to Heart with Michael any time on Spreaker.

Anna also broadcast a new episode last week! Season 9 started with a bang with Anna’s episode entitled “Stem Cells for an HLHS Heart” featuring Jennifer Gutman talking to Anna about a cutting edge program being conducted at the Mayo Clinic where stem cells are gathered and then used during one of the staged procedures to treat hypoplastic left heart syndrome. You won’t want to miss that program!


Another new “baby” is Hearts Unite the Globe’s new chatroom! Download the free Paltalk app and then join us every week as we listen to and chat about our programs! It will be a great way for Listeners to give feedback to the Hosts and Guests of whatever HUG podcast they listen to. Join us in the HUG Podcast Chatroom each week Tuesday through Thursday at noon Eastern Time (USA) to listen to and chat about that day’s program.

Follow the instructions below to install PalTalk:
1. Go to Google and type in PalTalk until you see paltalk.com – Paltalk Live Video Chat – appear in the search results. Click on it.
2. You will see
Join Our Global Video Chat Community
Video Chat.
Then the words
“Free Download”; click on it.
3. On the bottom of your screen it will ask you if you want to run, save or cancel; click on run. Then allow your computer to accept the program by clicking on Yes.
4. Then click on “I agree”; it will start the download process.
5. When that is done, it will ask you for a nickname, password and email address.
6. After filling everything in you are then connected to PalTalk
7. Find HUG Podcast Chatroom and then you can join our discussion Tuesday-Thursday at noon Eastern Time (USA) through the programs (the Admin will play the show so we can all listen together). Feel free to chat via text in the room while the show is going on so you don’t have to remember your questions at the end. When the program is over, we’ll discuss the questions/comments that have been posted or the microphone will be open to people to talk with us and share their questions, comments or thoughts.
Tuesday at noon Eastern Time (USA) is Heart to Heart with Anna
• Wednesday at noon Eastern Time (USA) is Heart to Heart with Nicole and David
• Thursday at noon Eastern Time (USA) is Heart to Heart with Michael
• New episodes of these 2 programs will air at the beginning of the month and will be repeated throughout the month but since the chat is interactive, every week will be different. Come back every week to meet new members of your community and to weigh in on that month’s program. It’s a great opportunity, too, to let our Hosts know if you’d like to be a Guest on their program!