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Sameer’s Legacy: The Genesis Foundation – Helping Children with Heart Defects in India Heart to Heart with Anna

How can a couple survive the loss of their precious son? What can be done when an entire country seems to be neglecting the needs of its most vulnerable residents? How can people make a difference in their community?Today's Guest, Jyoti Sagar, answers those questions and so much more!Jyoti Sagar and his wife Prema lost their son Sameer, who was born on December 20, 1983, to a congenital heart defect over 30 years ago.  Devastated by the loss of their son, after some time they began working at Missionaries of Charity. It gave them a whole new meaning to life, and this is how their journey started as they felt they could reach out and assist in the best way possible – enriching the lives of others and their own. Since then, they have dedicated their lives and professions to saving the lives of critically ill children in India through their non-government organization (NGO) – Genesis Foundation. The main aim of the Foundation is to offer support to children with CHD from families where the monthly income does not exceed $198. They strongly believe that every life should be given a chance and that no child should die due to poverty.Links mentioned in this podcast:Genesis FoundationKasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival (Genesis Foundation)Missionaries of CharityAnna's Buzzsprout Affiliate Link (if you'd like to try Buzzsprout for your podcast and get a bonus gift card — and Anna will, too!) use this linkLinks to 'Heart to Heart with Anna' Social Media and Podcast Pages:Apple PodcastsMeWeFacebookInstagramTwitterYouTubeWebsiteIf you enjoy this program and would like to be a Patron, please check out our Patreon page: the show (
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