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Cardiac Chronicles and Community Connections: Leigh Kamping-Carder's Story Heart to Heart with Anna

What if you could find a space to share your story, ask questions, and connect with others living with congenital heart conditions? Join me as I chat with Leigh Kamping-Carder, founder and writer of "The Heart Dialogues," a free newsletter that does just that. We discuss Leigh's own experience of living with tricuspid atresia, a single-ventricle defect, and her journey navigating two different approaches to cardiology – one in Canada and one in the US.In our conversation, we explore the medical trauma that comes with surviving open-heart procedures and the importance of addressing and normalizing this often unspoken aspect of living with a heart condition. Leigh shares her unique perspective on the differences in care she experienced as an adult with a cardiac condition in Canada and the United States, and the potential benefits of a more laid-back approach to care. Discover the choices patients can make when considering their health care and the impact of different philosophies of care.Lastly, we talk about the importance of writing and reading for those with congenital heart conditions and how Leigh's journalism background has played a vital role in creating "The Heart Dialogues." Listen in for Leigh's advice on carving out time to write and her understanding that her life and health are finite, fueling her mission to help others. Don't miss this heartfelt conversation with Leigh Kamping-Carder, and be sure to check out "The Heart Dialogues" for more candid conversations and support within the congenital heart community.To read Leigh's newsletter or to contact her:The Heart Dialogues newsletter: theheartdialogues.substack.comLeigh's Twitter handle: @Leigh_KC reach Anna, visit: or email her at Anna@hearttoheartwithAnna.comTo purchase Snow in Vietnam go to the showAnna's Buzzsprout Affiliate LinkBaby Blue Sound CollectiveSocial Media Pages:Apple PodcastsFacebookInstagramMeWeTwitterYouTubeWebsite
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