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Families with CHDs Dealing with Mental Health Issues Heart to Heart with Anna

How can a family deal with the loss of a child? What happens when a surviving child needs a transplant? What advice does a long-time Heart Mom have for other heart families?Bridgett Streacker has been married to her husband Brian for 34 years. They have four children: Jacob 33, Chesna (stillborn), Mallory (their Heart Warrior), and Haleigh 24. As a family, they have gone through many surgeries and obstacles, heartbreak and triumphs, which have made them closer.  Bridgett describes her Heart Warrior as one of a kind, who never let her CHD define her and lives like there is no tomorrow. The family faced one of its biggest challenges during COVID when Mallory had a heart transplant and was allowed no visitors for her entire hospital stay.In this episode, Bridgett and Anna discuss what it’s like to be a CHD family, how they deal with mental health issues, and some advice for other families facing situations such as the ones they’ve faced.Please visit our Heart to Heart with Anna Social Media and Podcast pages:Apple Podcasts: thanks to the Baby Blue Sound Collective – the show
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