HUG Podcast Network


Heart to Heart with Anna is the longest running podcast devoted to the congenital heart defect community. It began its 9th season in January 2017. The program is broadcast weekly on Tuesdays at noon Eastern Time (USA) and features topics of interest within a particular theme each season. The theme for Season 9 is Advancements in Congenital Heart Disease and features Guests who are doctors, a psychologist, nurses and even a Heart Mom.

The year 2017 started out with a bang for Hearts Unite the Globe with the addition of two brand new podcasts. Both podcasts are monthly podcasts and have hosts from the congenital heart defect community. The podcasts will be available on Spreaker, YouTube and on the HUG Podcast Network site.

h2hwndbannerHeart to Heart with Nicole and David is hosted by two adults with congenital heart defects. and is broadcast on the first Wednesday of the month at noon Eastern Time (USA). Nicole Vickery is a tetralogy of Fallot Heart Warrior and David Franco is a transposition of the great arteries Heart Warrior. Their program is devoted to empowering the adult congenital heart defect community.


Heart to Heart with Michael is hosted by bereaved father Michael Liben and is broadcast on the first Thursday of the month at noon Eastern Time (USA). This program covers topics of importance to empower the bereaved community.

Both of these programs, in addition to Heart to Heart with Anna, comprise the HUG Podcast Network. There are plans to add more podcasts in the future including a podcast in Spanish and one devoted to teens and tweens.

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