Hearts Unite the Globe

huglogo 2 (1)

Hearts Unite the Globe (HUG)  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the congenital heart defects community through information and support.  At this time HUG supports three major projects:

1) Heart to Heart with Anna  a FREE internet radio show available 24/7 for the international CHD community.  Topics range from medical procedures to everyday living with HD. Listen to interviews with medical professionals, families and CHD survivors.

2) Books on CHD to hospitals. HUG works with Baby Hearts Press to supply hospitals with books for children and families concerning CHD.  Current books available include My Brother Needs an Operation, The Heart of a Mother, and The Heart of a Father.   A simple phone call from a hospital gets books sent on their way to be distributed to families.

3) A comprehensive website on all aspects of congenital heart defects at www.congenitalheartdefects.com.   This website offers information about hospitals, medical terminology and procedures, and other issues related to CHD.

To learn more about Hearts Unite the Globe, visit the website at www.heartsunitetheglobe.org.

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