Heart to Heart with Anna & iHeartRadio

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H2Hw:Anna Season 2 LogoIheart-radio-logo

One of the amazing things about Spreaker is that they have a partnership with iHeartRadio. Once a show has 100 Followers and meets a number of other criteria, it can petition iHeartRadio to carry the show. ‘Heart to Heart with Anna’ did that yesterday!

February, also known as Heart Month, was incredibly busy for ‘Heart to Heart with Anna.’ Every single day a show was broadcast. Tuesdays featured brand new shows with the new theme for Season 7: Congenital Heart Defects Around the Globe. All of the other days had encore presentations with new introductions. Our goal was to also get to 100 Followers by the end of the month. By March 1st we achieved that goal!

I so enjoyed reconnecting with former Guests, re-editing some of the shows (I know a lot more about editing shows now than I did in the first few seasons of the show) and simply listening to the shows over again. Our shows are timeless. The feelings and topics we discussed in the past are as relevant today as they were when we first aired the shows. It still amazes me how many wonderful people have taken the time to come on the show, to listen to the show and to care enough to help us get to 100 unique Followers so that we could petition iHeartRadio to carry the show.

The show will go through a review process at iHeartRadio. If we’re approved, when it’s time to broadcast another show, a little iHeartRadio logo will appear and allow me to share the shows through iHeartRadio (we already share via Spreaker, iTunes, YouTube and BlogTalkRadio). There are 80 million iHeartRadio users. That means we’ll have the chance to help a lot of people who don’t necessarily use the Internet, but who listen to the radio in their cars or in their homes. Thanks to everyone who took the time to Follow ‘Heart to Heart with Anna’ and thanks to all of my wonderful Guests!