Epic Fail



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Have you ever felt like crying because you tried something new and it just didn’t work out? That’s how I felt this week. While I was on hiatus from “Heart to Heart with Anna” I had planned to learn how to use Spreaker so I could start a new show, “Heart to Heart with Anna & Friends” and this week was supposed to be our debut show.


It didn’t work out. I couldn’t figure out how to have someone call in so during my test show I asked my husband to be a Guest and we just both talked in the same room as the computer but it was a disaster. I ended up getting upset with my husband because he was talking over me while we were “taping” the show and it was awful. You know what’s even worse than that? I couldn’t even find the test show to delete it! Spreaker doesn’t have “archives” like BlogTalkRadio does. They have “collections.” I never could find my collection but others did! Here’s the worst part — more people have listened to my horrible test show on Spreaker than have listened to my interview with Bret Baier.


The reason I wanted to do a show on Spreaker was because once I had 100 followers, I could submit the show to iHeartRadio. I thought that would be a great way for me to get the word out about the radio show. I’ve had people ask me if my show could be found on iHeartRadio, but BlogTalkRadio doesn’t have a relationship with iHeartRadio and I asked if they would in the future and the rep I talked to said she didn’t know of anything like that happening. With our showing being for the “heart” community, it only seemed fitting the show should be heard on iHeartRadio!

BTR Studio

The “studio” for BlogTalkRadio (BTR) and Spreaker are very different. I was able to choose some sound effects and some music for Spreaker — which aren’t option in BTR unless you upload them to your studio but whereas it’s very clear how to have someone call into your show on BTR, there is no hint with Spreaker how someone can do that.


I like how I can manipulate things differently in Spreaker than I can on BTR, but since my show is a talk radio show where I interview others, if I can’t have people call in, I can’t do my show. I looked for tutorials and found one where it looks like I have to have a mixer so I downloaded Mixxx but I don’t know what to do beyond that. I’m hoping someone will read this blog and offer help, otherwise, “Heart to Heart with Anna & Friends” will have to wait until I have more time to research this platform. Is there anyone out there who can help me?

P.S. I found my “shows” that Spreaker told me have had so many listens. It’s the two commercials I imported from my other show! It looks like our Test Show is totally blank. Nothing was recorded. Back to the drawing board!

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    1. Thanks, Rita. You’re a dear friend. I’m sure someone can help me. 🙂 I just need more time to study what to do. I downloaded Mixxx because apparently I need that, but I have no clue what to do. I’m just on another steep learning curve! 🙂

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