What People are Saying about “Heart to Heart with Anna”

I hope to be able to tune in weekly 🙂  Thanks for sharing and starting this 🙂 ~ Marly
What a great show Anna!!!! Everyone did a great job!!! ~ Dara
Love listening to this!! Thanks, Anna! ~ Kerrie
Anna! I am crying ! the show, excellent ! I learned so much ! thank you! ~ Gale
LOVED the show Anna…so informative and really brought a flood of memories back to that day on Nov. 9th of 85… when we first learned our baby, Jessica, was being transferred from the nursery at Santa Paula Hosp. down to UCLA for that life saving Norwood procedure. Second oldest survivor and given a 1% chance of survival. Listening to the other parents and grandparents stories on your show…tells me that, after all of this time…as much as things have changed…our stories are still so much in tune with each other…and that flood of emotion is still very much alive and fresh in our memories and in our hearts forever. Thank you for sharing these stories, and making it available for all of the world to know and learn about CHD. You are AWESOME! ~ Brenda

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