Sudden Cardiac Death

Saving a Life from Sudden Cardiac Death


On July 4, 2010, Ben and Miranda Weisbuch were married in New Albany, Ohio. During the morning of July 18 – six hours after returning from their honeymoon – Ben suffered his first episode of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Miranda saved his life. Ben spent 5 days in a coma and thirty days in the night. In June of 2011, Miranda and Ben welcomed their son, Maccabee, into the world.

A four-year diagnostic period followed. Through 2013, Ben suffered over 144 episodes of cardiac arrest. In 2013, Researchers discovered a genetic cause for Ben’s disease, and a drug treatment followed. Ben inherited the mutation from his mom, who died from Sudden Cardiac Death in 2004. Maccabee tested negative for the disease. In 2013, Miranda and Ben co-Founded the Heart Hope Foundation, to give others the life-saving genetic and medical care they had received. Miranda and Ben spend considerable time flying across the country raising funds for their foundation.

Links Mentioned in the Show:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation: About SCA Where Every Second Counts

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