Rebekah Simpson

Rebekah Simpson is a married mom of 3 — a 12 year old daughter, a 7 year old son who is a heart hero and a 2 year old son. She is currently in her 3rd trimester with another boy. Rebekah and her husband James gave birth to their first son Brayden on May 31. He has a ventricular septal defect, as well as pulmonary and aortic stenosis. When he was 2.5 years old he also developed DCRV (or double chamber right ventricle) and had surgery in Atlanta. While they were able to repair his defects, his heartbeat never returned so he had a permanent pacemaker implanted due to total heart block.Rebekah’s family gives back by donating their time and money to the wonderful organizations that helped them when they needed it. They speak on behalf of Children’s Miracle Network and other organizations. Brayden is the face of the Love’s Travel Stop campaign for Aug-Sept 2015. In Rebekah’s spare time she is an accomplished singer and crafter who loves to travel with her family.

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