Penny Green

Penny Green, the Director of Down’s Heart Group, has played a pivotal role in the development of resources and materials for people with Down syndrome who have a heart defect. Penny has also done a huge amount of work for Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria and is involved in setting up a charity in the UK to support the work in Nigeria.

Penny is an avid supporter of Down Syndrome International (DSi) and regularly fund raises to help the cause. Penny is also well known throughout the Down syndrome Facebook community, managing the World Down Syndrome Day Facebook group, which has 20,000 members.

Penny is a parent representative on the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group UK. In 2012, Penny was a torchbearer for the Olympic Games, carrying a torch for Down syndrome. In 2010 Penny had pink hair for 3 months to mark her 50th birthday and her late son’s 21st birthday on August the 3rd that year. Penny received a World Down Syndrome Day award from DSi in 2015.