Nicole Vickery

Nicole Vickery was born in 1970 with tetralogy of Fallot. She was extremely cyanotic (or blue) and had her first pediatric cardiology appointment at seven days of age in Birmingham, Alabama. Nicole attended the University of South Alabama, majoring in Business Finance with a minor in Public Relations. Currently Nicole resides in Huntsville, Alabama where she devotes herself to congenital heart defect education through public speaking engagements and the use of social media. Most importantly, she spends time with her daughter, who was adopted from China in 1996. Nicole is currently the Executive Producer and Producer of “Silent Cries,” a Wolf Entertainment Productions Documentary. Prior to becoming a producer, Nicole spent years in the nonprofit sector, frequently as a Board member. While Nicole had a great deal of education and real-life training which has helped her in her role as producer, perhaps what makes her the best person for the job is that she is a CHD Survivor.

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