Misty Castaneda

Misty was born with tetralogy of Fallot. She has had 2 open heart surgeries — the first one at 8 months of age and the second at 23 years of age, 2 valve replacements with the last one being 2 years ago via the transcatheter Melody Valve®. After being told she couldn’t have children she became a young mom at 19! Misty’s heart-healthy daughter, Milena, is now 19 years old herself! Misty owns an Organic Beauty business. Raising her daughter had some challenges, physically and emotionally. Misty tried to raise Milena so that her CHD wouldn’t have negative effects on her daughter; however the opposite seems to have happened. The realization of the power of Misty’s CHD has hit her as her journey with her daughter has unfolded.