Milena Castaneda

Milena Castaneda was born to a mother with a congenital heart defect so she learned from an early age what it meant to live with a chronic illness. She has been impressed with how her mother has handled her condition with so much grace. To other people, Milena’s mother is sick, but to her she is just her mom regardless of her health situation. Milena believe that she was blessed in being chosen as Misty’s only child. Milena grew up having the perception that her mother was just like other mothers. It never occurred to her that she was “sick.”

As Milena has grown up, her mother has taught her not to be scared of others who are ill or dealing with medical difficulties. Milena’s mother is her rock and best friend, even though there is a 20-year age difference. Milena wouldn’t change her mother for the world . . . except maybe to get her a better working heart.