Michael Liben

Michael is the father of Liel Liben; Liel was born with double outlet right ventricle (or DORV) and a ventricular septal defect or VSD.  In her life she had a pulmonary artery banding, a Rastelli, a conduit (later replaced with a Contegra® conduit), for a total of 3 heart surgeries and 4 heart caths.  At age 4, Liel was diagnosed with autism, and then, at age 13, with epilepsy.
Liel was a stunningly happy child who loved music and creative activities. She was happy every day of her life, and the only thing she totally hated was epilepsy and the total lack of control that engendered.  At age 13 and a half she had gone to live in a home with other autistic children many of whom also had epilepsy, so they were not surprised when she developed it.
Nobody, however, expected that one morning it would simply take her without warning.
However Liel would not have gotten as far as she did if it wasn’t for all the help and
support she received from doctors, donors and the Israeli Health System.
Michael is a filmmaker.  For about 18 years he taught in both high school and the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem. He taught television production and filmmaking.  Michael and
his wife Leora have been married for over 28 years and also have two other children, Idan and Sapir who were wonderful siblings to Liel.
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