Mary Kay and Ted Klein

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Mary Kay and Ted Klein are parents to Karen, John and Kevin. Karen Klein McNulty was born with truncus arteriosus type III with an absent right pulmonary artery. She never had surgery.


Karen was one of three co-founders and the first President of the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA). The office was in Mary Kay and Ted’s home from 1997, when it started, until 2004. ACHA was incorporated in 1998.

Karen passed away in 2005. In her memory Mary Kay and Ted have created memorial events. This year, with the help of Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries, there will be a daylong conference in the Boston area on Saturday, May 16th. Mary Kay and Tell will also walk in the Annual CHD Walk in Boston on April 27th where they’ll be walking as “Karen’s Team.”

Mary Kay and Ted are proud grandparents and are grateful that their sons and grandchildren are all heart-healthy.

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