Maribeth Poole

Maribeth Poole was born April 30, 1985 in Dallas, TX. Two days later, she was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (or HLHS).  She is one of the oldest living survivors with HLHS. She was raised in Dallas, and has a younger brother and two younger sisters.
Growing up, Maribeth was active in school, her church youth group, and anything else
that other kids her age were involved with. She graduated from high school and went on
to Stephen F. Austin State University and got her degree in Family and Child Development.
Maribeth is currently in her seventh year of teaching.  She and her husband of a year and
a half, Nick, live right outside College Station, Texas. Maribeth is very passionate about
CHD awareness and finds joy in talking with parents and families of children with CHDs.