Marco Gaddi

Marco Gaddi lives in Venaria Reale, a small historical city near Turin, Italy.
He earned a degree in Medicine in Turin and has practiced Family Medicine since the fall of 1987. On the same day he got his job as a family physician he began his love story with Enrica Di Braccio a superior schoolteacher who graduated from the same university Marco did. They married on June 10, 1989 and after five years, on the 9th of February 1994 their son Alessandro was born.

Alessandro was given a diagnosis of HLHS in utero at the eighth month of pregnancy during a routine echo examination and life changed for Enrica and Marco.
Alessandro was born in Bologna, since Turin had no one doing the Norwood procedure at that time.
Alessandro had his first open-heart surgery a few days after birth and then the Glenn a year later and the Fontan 13 years later.

Marco is still working as a family doctor in Venaria. Marco has published three novels and a CD with his own songs
His web site is