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S3E13 Megan Headshot

Megan Tones was born in Australia in 1983. She was originally diagnosed with a large ventricular septal defect (or VSD), which has become complicated by mitral valve prolapse, heart failure and atrial arrythmias in adulthood. As a child, Megan’s favourite hobbies were pets, arts and crafts, reading and videogames.

Today, her work as a researcher takes up much of her time, however she tries to keep up her hobbies when she can, and has written a couple of short stories over the years. Her change in health status has prompted her involvement in Adult CHD support groups, and she hopes to become more active in CHD advocacy work in the future.

S3E13 Angela HW

Angela Loehr was born in 1982 with hypoplastic right heart syndrome and pulmonary atresia to parents with a musical background. A born advocate, she served as the poster child for the American Heart Association at the age of seven. Angela developed a passion for music, particularly singing early on. As she continued to kindle her passion for music and the arts she also moved into CHD advocacy work specifically.

Within the last 2 years Angela has extended her advocacy work to the CHD community and reconnected with music by working with a band called The Mendenhall Experiment which supports and promotes disability awareness. Angela is the Founder of HeartWire, International.

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