Frank Jaworski

Frank Jaworski is a husband and father to two sons. His second son was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome or HLHS. Frank is a nurse anesthetist who has worked in healthcare since before his first son was born. When his second son (Alex) was born, Frank was working in the intensive care unit (or ICU). He primarily worked in the adult cardiac ICU. Frank’s wife, Anna, is an advocate in the heart community. Together they started Baby Hearts Press 18 years ago when Anna wrote a book about HLHS but none of the medical publishers wanted to publish it. Frank drew all the illustrations in the book. He also contributed to Anna’s fourth book, The Heart of a Father and provided all of the transition material in the book to keep the voice of the book male. Frank is currently the Vice President for Hearts Unite the Globe, a nonprofit organization for the heart community and the sponsor for this radio show.

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