Dr. Armando Alfaro-Ramirez

Dr. Armando Alfaro-Ramirez is the first pediatric electrophysiologist in Costa Rica. He trained in Toronto, Canada and is a member of Paces, Heart and Rhythm Society and American Academy of Pediatrics. He works in the Hospital Nacional de Ninos of Costa Rica and also has a private practice with 2 different offices in San Jose, Costa Rica serving patients since 2005.

He is married to pediatrian, Fabioloa Acon, and they have 3 children – Lucia, Alejandro and Esteban. Dr. Alfaro-Ramirez has a pacemaker clinic where he implants devices and did the first ablations on children in his country since 2009.

Dr. Alfaro-Ramirez participates in a band of physicians from all over the world called The Baby Blue Sound Collective. He plays electric and acoustic guitar. All the records and presentation raise money for CHD foundations. They play classic rock, blues and jazz. Additionally, he has worked with Surgeons of Hope and Heart Trust in his country in order to make their cardiac program even better.