Dr. Ari Cedars

Dr. Ari Cedars is affiliated with Baylor University medical Center in Dallas, Texas.  He is a physician and the director of the Center for Adults with Congenital Heart Disease (or ACHD).  He trained in Adult Congenital Heart Disease at Washington University in Saint Louis.

Dr. Cedars arrived at an interest in ACHD when he was a cardiology fellow at Washington University and had the good fortune to work with one of the greatest cardiologists he’s ever met, an ACHD practitioner named Dr. Philip Ludbrook.  Dr. Cedars was attracted to the field initially by the heterogeneity of ACHD patients, and the fact that every patient was completely anatomically unique and required individualized care.  ACHD is the opposite of cookbook medicine and as such is exciting and challenging.

Dr. Cedars has become passionate about the field; however, because the patients are incredible.  ACHD patients are living representations of human psychological fortitude who have overcome greater barriers than most people will ever face, and they’re thriving.  Dr. Cedars feels it is his obligation to improve the quality of ACHD research and permit this remarkable group of people to benefit from medical advances currently only benefitting those with acquired heart disease.