Debbie Gilmore

Debbie Gilmore is a wife, and a full time mother to her heart angel Matthew Michael Gilmore (15 months) and his brother Brandon James Gilmore now 18. Debbie had an uneventful pregnancy and worked up until the day she delivered Matthew. She loved being pregnant and loved the delivery even more. Little did she know that the next day her life would be transformed into a living nightmare with acronyms like CHD, DORV, TOF. This was one rollercoaster ride she wasn’t sure she could survive.

Debbie is also a published writer. Her first published work was “My Candle in the Wind”ā€“ a beautiful essay about her son Matthew in the book The Heart of a Mother. Since then Debbie has had a number of other pieces published including an essay in Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul 2 and some other publications.

Debbie lives in Germany with her rainbow baby Brandon and her husband Eugene in the picturesque city of Kaiserslautern.