Catherine Scavone

Catherine Scavone is a 28-year-old Special Education teacher who has undergone 4 open-heart surgeries including a pulmonary valve replacement in 2012. She has worked in Special Education for 6 years. She has also served as a new teacher mentor, presented at conferences, served as grade chair, and sponsor of Buddies club. Catherine’s mother, also a teacher, gave her a love of teaching; however, she wanted to work with students with special needs and those who have medical conditions. Catherine understands her students’ needs and relates to their parents who are concerned for their children. As a child Catherine played competitive soccer. She attended the University of Georgia and received the Sydney Mae Taylor Scholarship. This past winter, she graduated with her Masters Degree from Graceland University in Mild and Moderate Intellectual Disabilities and also married her husband, Max. They are in the process of building their first home and can’t wait to start their lives in a new city.

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