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Tribute to a Heart Dad


Lauren and Frank Celeskey

Today’s radio show is a tribute to Frank Celeskey. He came on the radio show back in Season 3 when the theme was Finding Your Voice and Frank was terrific about sharing his concerns and what it was like for him to watch Lauren grow up.

The title of the show Frank Celeskey was on was called “Parenting Changes: When Your CHD Warrior Becomes an Adult” and it was interesting to hear him and Alysanne Crymes discuss the changes they’ve endured watching their children — both born with critical congenital heart defects requiring surgery in infancy — grow up. Like many heart warriors, their children didn’t only have their heart defects to contend with, but other medical conditions as well. I enjoyed hearing Alysanne and Frank talk about how they dealt with that situation.

Lauren and her brother have started a GoFundMe page to help their mother with expenses for their younger brother. This death was totally unexpected and no financial arrangements had been made to take care of his son, who will be a senior in high school next year. Lauren and her older brother are doing what they can, as is their hardworking single mom, but any help from the heart community would be greatly appreciated.

Next week we’ll begin Season 8 of Heart to Heart with Anna. The theme for Season 8 is: Care for Adults with Congenital Heart Defects and we have a terrific line up of shows that we are so excited about! Please tune in to hear Frank’s show, if you haven’t done so already and be prepared for next week’s brand new episode!

Season 3 Line-Up of Shows


Dear Friends of “Heart to Heart with Anna,”

I’m so excited to announce our new line up! Please let me know if you’re interested in being on one of these shows. The first two shows have already been taped but I’m looking for Guests for a number of the shows. The theme for this season is “Finding Your Voice.” Naturally, there are many ways we can find our voices. This season we will investigate many different ways we can find our voices.

Episode 1) An Interview with Heart Mom, Advocate & Author Lori Jones (already taped and available here:
Episode 2) Empowerment Through Helping Others in the CHD Community (with Wayverly Mouse-Evangelista, Susan Vanderpool and Natalie McGee). Here is the link:

In no particular order (just numbered to help me keep track of them all!)

Episode 3) Irregular Heartbeats: When HLHS Survivors Need Pacemakers *
Episode 4) Living with Eisenmenger’s Syndrome*
Episode 5) Music Therapy while in the Hospital
Episode 6) Political Activist and HLHS Dad*
Episode 7) Alternative Heath Choices for CHD Survivors*
Episode 8) Forever Young: Raising a Child with Cognitive Impairment*
Episode 9) Art Therapy in the Hospital
Episode 10) Parents Advocacy when Your CHD Warrior Becomes an Adult*
Episode 11) Raising Money for CHD Research
Episode 12) How CHD Survivors (children) Tell other Kids About Their CHDs
Episode 13) Adults with CHDs — Becoming Self-Advocates*
Episode 14) Teen and Young Adult CHDers’ Rebellion — Tattoos, Piercings and Alcohol*
Episode 15) ACHDers on the Hill (being an advocate in D.C.)*

* potential Guest(s) identified but not confirmed

I’ve had many great suggestions from my Listeners and Guests regarding upcoming shows. Your emails are read by the host, Anna Jaworski, personally. We appreciate your participation and look forward to producing many more fun and interesting shows.

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