Carolyn Robinson

Carolyn Robinson was born in April of 1948. Because of her blueness and what the doctors heard, they knew that Carolyn had a heart “condition,” however her heart defect wasn’t diagnosed until she was 10 years old when she had a catheterization.  Her diagnosis was a VSD and Eisenmenger’s syndrome.  Carolyn’s parents were told that surgery was impossible.  Her body had actually made some changes that helped her, and any surgery
would have ended Carolyn’s life.  A few years ago, after an MRI, Carolyn was diagnosed with truncus arteriosus.
Over the past few years Carolyn began noticing some changes in her breathing and
stamina.  The doctors feel it is caused by a thickening of the artery.  They are currently in
discussion with a hospital in Toronto to see if she can have a valve replacement.  Her
Cardiologist also discovered that Carolyn had developed heart block, and she recently
received a pacemaker.  Currently, Carolyn is 67 years of age.
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