Current and Past Legislation


Screening Babies’ Hearts:  The legislation that is currently making headlines regards requiring hospitals and birthing centers to conduct pulse oximetry on newborns before they leave the hospital. This simple, non-invasive test has the opportunity to identify some infants who have severe, congenital heart defects that were not detected in utero or immediately after birth.

An excellent site keeping up with all of the states passing such laws is:

Here are some links to stories about this legislation:

heart-doc-300x300Other important legislation that has affected the congenital heart defect (CHD) community is:

The Congenital Heart Futures Act — this is the first legislation passed that specifically addresses the needs of those born with congenital heart defects. In a nutshell, The Congenital Heart Futures Act urges the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to conduct or support research on diagnosis, treatment, prevention and long-term outcomes in congenital heart defects.  It also asks the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to create the National Congenital Heart Surveillance System. This system would provide data on infants, children, and adults with congenital heart disease in order to better understand CHD incidence, prevalence, and disease burden to assess the public health impact of CHD. The Children’s Heart Foundation was instrumental in helping this law to be passed but we need funding from Congress for the research and the surveillance system to be enacted. Visit this site: to see how you can continue to be an advocate regarding this law.

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