New Ways to Help “Heart to Heart with Anna”

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Cora DenHarder

Cora DenHarder is a Tupperware consultant who understands the importance of having information about congenital heart defects available. She is the mother of quadruplets, one of which was born with a CHD — a patent ductus arteriosus. To learn more about the Tupperware fundraiser, Cora put together this informational video.

The great thing about this fundraiser is that Tupperware donates a very generous 40% of the purchase price to the nonprofit organization. That will really help us with our programming goals.

The Tupperware fundraiser will run from today until November 5th; however, Cora has also offered to host a party so anyone who wants to buy an item from the regular catalog can do so! If you’d like to buy something from the regular catalog, you can go to a regular Tupperware party to do so and Cora will donate 10% of the proceeds to HUG. Here is an informational video about the services Cora offers and where you can get more information. The full-catalog party will close on November 17th so don’t delay! Order your products today and you’ll get them in plenty of time for the holidays! Tupperware makes great products for everyday use and terrific gifts, especially for those on your list who are hard to buy for (everyone has to eat and can use these handy items).


This is a photo of the soup bowl that Cora mentioned in her video. You can order one of these (or more since they’d make wonderful gifts) and 40% of the proceeds would go to HUG.


This is a photo of the Modular Mates that Cora talked about in the 2nd video. You can order these products and anything from the regular catalog and have 10% of the proceeds help HUG and Heart to Heart with Anna.

What are you waiting for?! Get some great products, help the only nonprofit organization that produces a podcast devoted to the CHD Community and help us make history!

Hearts Unite Globe is excited to be working with some new hosts and production teams! Our goal is to have 2 new podcasts available in 2017 — one for the bereavement community and one specifically for Adults with CHDs hosted by Adults with CHDs — one male host and one female host. In 2018 we’d like to produce a program for the Spanish-speaking CHD community. Help us help you! Thank you for your support!