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AmazonSmile QR Code

You can use the QR code above to go directly to Amazon.com and take part in their AmazonSmile program. Amazon gives 1/2 of 1% to Hearts Unite the Globe (HUG) every time you use that link. Donations like that help to keep Heart to Heart with Anna, the only radio show (podcast) for the congenital heart defect community free for everyone.

Have you ever heard of Prime Day? If you’ve never heard of Prime Day, you can read more about it here at the People Magazine page. Basically it’s like a Black Friday day in July!

In order to celebrate #Prime Day, Baby Hearts Press decided to lower the prices on its books for one day only!


That means that BHP’s only children’s book — My Brother Needs an Operation — will be sold for only $10 on Amazon for today only.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 11.21.37 AM

The Heart of a Mother, BHP’s bestselling book, will be available for half price — only $12.50 today only.


Lastly, The Heart of a Father, BHP’s latest book will be available for only $15.00 today only. Baby Hearts Press has been the only sponsor for Heart to Heart with Anna, so we really appreciate it when people support Baby Hearts Press.

Please use this link or the QR code above  to go to Amazon and HUG will get part of your purchase price.

Why is donating to HUG important? What good has come from Heart to Heart with Anna? We’ve helped parents all over the globe with our educational and inspirational shows. We made contacts that helped us save Elvis. Our shows bring the congenital heart defect community together to celebrate the lives of those in the CHD community. Most importantly, thanks to BHP and Heart to Heart with Anna, people in the CHD community know that they are not alone.