Season 8 Line Up Of Shows

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Heart Care
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We are very excited to announce the line up of shows for Season 8 of Heart to Heart with Anna. Season 8 will begin on May 31, 2016. The theme for Season 8 is Care for Adults with Congenital Heart Defects and we have a wide range of Guests who will be speaking on a variety of topics.

The tentative order for the season is as follows:

Episode #1 May 31stTaking Charge of My Health — featuring Keri Kasaboski

Episode #2 June 7th — What’s New with Anticoagulants? — featuring pharmacist, Becky Brunell

Episode #3 June 14th — When Congenital Heart Defects Are Diagnosed After Infancy — featuring Catherine Reyes

Episode #4 June 21th — Considerations for Non-Cardiac Surgeries for ACHDers — featuring an adult Survivor

Episode #5 June 28th — Difficulties Growing Up with a CHD — featuring 2 adult Survivors

Episode #6 July 5th — The Natural Course of Congenital Heart Disease — featuring a nurse specializing in the care of adults with CHDs

Episode #7 July 12th — Insurance issues and financial planning for parents of children with CHDs — featuring a certified financial planner and adult Survivor who is also a social worker

Episode #8 July 19thTough Love: Growing Up with a CHD — featuring a nurse and an adult Survivor/patient

Episode #9 July 26th — Long-Term Consequences of a Fontan Physiology — featuring an electrophysiologist and his patient

Episode #10 August 2nd — The Importance of Quality Research in the ACHD Population — featuring an ACHD researcher

Episode #11 August 9th — Adults with Neurological Problems — featuring the mother of an adult Survivor with neurological problems

Episode #12 August 16th — Transitioning from Teen to Adult — featuring 2 adult Survivors

Episode #13 August 23rd — Growing up with an ACHD Parent — featuring an adult Survivor and her heart-healthy daughter

We will be featuring encore presentations during the month of May until we begin our new season. We are very thankful for the wonderful Guests who have been part of the show — did you know that we have had 177 Guests on our show? We also love to hear from our Listeners. Please keep the great comments and suggestions coming! Thank you all for supporting “Heart to Heart with Anna”!