Heart to Heart with Anna’s First Spanish Show!

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Marta and Ian

Marta Montero will be appearing on our show in the twelfth episode, but in getting to know her, I took a chance and asked a favor of her — “Would you be the Guest Host of the show? Would you be willing to interview a doctor in Spanish?” To my delight, she said, “Yes!”

Even though I live in Texas, my Spanish is very poor and there is no way I could conduct an interview in Spanish. Even if I could translate my questions into Spanish and learn how to pronounce the words properly, I couldn’t begin to understand what anyone said in reply to my questions! I desperately needed someone bilingual to help me out. Marta has kindly agreed to be that someone.

Everyone will get to know Marta better later in the season when she is a Guest on the second-to-last show of the season. I’m sure we’ll get to know her a little bit better through the show where she is the Guest Host, too!

Dr. Armando Alfaro

Dr. Armando Alfaro will be next week’s Guest on Heart to Heart with Anna. The show will be broadcast first in English and then an hour later in Spanish. I met Dr. Alfaro in Miami at the Evolution or Revolution? Disruptive Thinking, Technology & Innovation in the Treatment of the Pediatric Heart Disease conference. I’m delighted that Dr. Alfaro is willing to do the show both in English and in Spanish. Even at the conference in Miami, Dr. Alfaro was using his bilingual talent to do news interviews in Spanish. For a long time, the Spanish-speaking heart community has not had the information or resources that their English-speaking counterparts have had. I hope this show is the first of many Heart to Heart with Anna shows in a language other than English and that Listeners all over the globe enjoy this special interview with Dr. Armando Alfaro.

Thank you to Dr. Gil Wernovsky for allowing me to attend the Miami conference. Although the conference was intended for professionals in the field of pediatric cardiology, Dr. Wernovsky was kind enough to allow me to attend. You’ll all get to know Dr. Wernovsky a little better when he comes on the show in Season 8 where our theme will be Care for Adults with Congenital Heart Defects. Thanks, too, to my new intern Gracy Kheshtinejad for being the producer of these two shows and thanks to Rosy Daniel for introducing me to Marta Montero. This first Spanish show of Heart to Heart with Anna took many hearts to come into being. Let’s hope that we are able to touch even more hearts once it comes to life.