Season 8: Care for Adults with Congenital Heart Defects

Episode #1:  Taking Charge of My Health, 6/7/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Keri Kasaboski, a Transposition of the Great Arteries survivor, discuss what steps Keri took to take charge of her health and how she went from facing a potential life-threatening situation into one of triumph!

Episode #2:  When CHD’s Are Diagnosed After Infancy, 6/14/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Catherine Reyes, who has Coarctation of the Aorta and a Bicuspid Aortic Valve, discuss what life changes have occurred since her heart defects required attention; how her life been affected by the changes in her heart, and what future concerns might she have.

Episode #3:  What’s New in Anticoagulant Drugs, 6/21/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Becky Brunell, a pharmacist for over 25 years, shares what she knows about medications to help those born with heart defects; what adults with congenital heart defects know about anticoagulants, and what questions they should ask their doctors.

Episode #4:  Considerations for Non-Cardiac Surgeries for Adults with CHD, 6/28/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest David Franco, a congenitally-corrected transposition of the great arteries, and ventricular septal defect survivor, shares what he has learned from having non-cardiac surgeries, as well as what adults with congenital heart defects need to be aware of and what kinds of questions to ask.

Episode #5:  Difficulties Growing up with a CHD, 7/5/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests Tom Glenn (25 year old Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome) and Kristi Lafrenz, a Tetralogy of Fallot survivor, share their experiences regarding growing up with a congenital heart defect, what difficulties they faced, how they overcame them and what advice they have for others.

Episode #6:  Adult Survivors with Neurological Problems, 7/12/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Kathy Keller, a Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and heart transplant survivor, explains how she coped having a child with neurological problems; what interventions her son has undergone to try to undo some of the damage caused by the strokes, and what his prognosis is for the future.

Episode #7:  The Natural Course of Congenital Heart Disease, 7/19/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Deena Barber, a nurse, discuss the natural course of congenital heart disease and her experiences with it as a nurse.

Episode #8:  Growing up with an ACHD Parent, 7/26/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests mother/daughter duo, Misty (Tetralogy of Fallot) and Milena Castaneda, shares their experiences on being a mother/having a heart-healthy child, and what it’s like having a mother with a CHD.

Episode #9:  Transitioning from Teen to Adult, 8/2/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests Nicole Vickery, a Tetralogy of Fallot survivor, and Dr. Sarah Clark, a Transposition of the Great Arteries survivor, who have gone from teen to adulthood, share their experiences on what went right and what made their transitions difficult.

Episode #10:  The Road Forward in ACHD Research: Where We Are Now & Where We Need to Be, 8/9/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Dr. Ari Cedars, a cardiologist, discuss his interest, passion and research in the field of Adult Congenital Heart Defects.

Episode #11:  Insurance Issues and Financial Planning in the Congenital Heart Defect Community, 8/16/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests Laura Redfern, a Certified Financial Planner, and Austin Wilmot, an adult CHD Survivor who is also a psychotherapist, share their expertise about how people can take the fear out of financial planning; what kinds of emotional problems people might experience growing up with a chronic illness and what avenues one can take to live an emotionally healthy life.

Episode #12:

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