Season 7: Congenital Heart Defects Around The Globe

Episode #1:  CHD’s Around the Globe: Canada, 2/2/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Carolyn Robinson, a 67-year old Eisenmenger Syndrome Survivor from Canada, talks about her experiences with healthcare over the years. As well as growing older with a congenital heart defect and how her diagnosis changed over time.

Episode #2:  CHD’s Around the Globe: The Novick Cardiac Alliance, 2/9/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Roslyn Rivera, an adult living with CHD, discuss her experience as a patient and how it led her to become a pediatric cardiac intensive care nurse.  They also discuss Roslyn’s non-profit organization as a Nurse Educator for the Novick Cardiac Alliance.

Episode #3:  CHD’s Around the Globe: Pakistan, 2/16/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Farhan Ahmad, father of a rainbow baby with CHD, and CTO of a Microsoft Gold Partner Company in Pakistan, discuss his role and vision as the CEO of the Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation (PCHF).  They also talk about some of Farhan’s favorite memories at PCHF, and how his daughter continues to inspire him every day.

Episode #4:  CHD’s Around the Globe: Israel, 2/23/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Michael Liben, heart dad to Liel, shares his experiences of raising a daughter with a congenital heart defect, autism and epilepsy, in Israel. He describes what the diagnosis meant to his family and to Liel’s older siblings.

Episode #5:  CHD’s Around the Globe: Kenya, 3/1/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Peter Mbogo Kamau, founder and CEO of Take Heart Association Project (or THAP), talks about why he started the organization, what exactly it is, how it helps people, and what listeners can do to help the Project.

Episode #6:  CHD’s Around the Globe: Germany, 3/8/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Debbie Gilmore, heart mom to Matthew and to a rainbow baby named Brandon, shares her journey and sorrows of having a baby with a congenital heart defect.  She also tells what happened when she became pregnant after having a child with a heart defect, and gives advice for other CHD parents in Germany.

Episode #7:  CHD’s Around the Globe: Children of the World, 3/15/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Nauman Shahid, a Tetralogy of Fallot survivor, talks about his early life, about the nonprofit organization that saved his life, and what he’s doing now to give back to the community that has given him a chance to live a full and productive life.

Episode #8:  CHD’s Around the Globe: World Down Syndrome Day in the U.K.! 3/22/16, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Penny Green, a bereaved heart mom of a child with Down Syndrome and the Director of Down’s Heart Group, shares her experiences, and gives advice and resources to other parents of children born with Down Syndrome.

Episode #9:  CHD’s Around the Globe: Italy, 3/29/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Marco Gaddi, HLHS dad to Alessandro, talks about how Marco and his family have handled living with a chronic illness, how Alessandro is today and what his prognosis is.

Episode #10:  CHD’s Around the Globe: Costa Rica, 4/5/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Dr. Armando Alfaro-Ramirez, a pediatric cardiologist and electrophysiologist, discuss what healthcare is like in Costa Rica, how many people in his country are affected by congenital heart defects and what his people need to do to get the care they need.  They also discuss the training he needed to become the doctor he is, what other nonprofit organizations he works with and why he chose to become an electrophysiologist.

Episode #11:  CHD’s Around the Globe: Down Under!, 4/12/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: Joanne Crisp and Csaba Ovari, heart parents to single ventricle children and Directors for Hearts of Hope Australia, talk about how these parents came to know each other, why they started the nonprofit organization and what the nonprofit organization does.

Episode #12:  CHD’s Around the Globe: Puert Rica, 4/19/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Marta Montero, heart mom to Ian, special education teacher, student, and blogger, shares her experiences with her son having open-heart surgery in Puerto Rico and what she and her son decided to do when they couldn’t find the resources they needed in Spanish!

Episode #13:  CHD’s Around the Globe: Brazil, 4/26/16,  Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest Gabriel Santana, a hypoplastic right, single ventricle, ventricular septal defect, heart murmur survivor, shares his story and explains what new challenges he is facing as an adult with a congenital heart defect.

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