Season 6: Carpe Diem: Seizing the Day

Episode #1:  Seizing the Day with Jim Larson! 11/03/2015, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Jim Larson, a TOF survivor and field forester, discuss what “seizing the day” means to him and how his heart defect has affected his life.

Episode #2:  Seizing the Day with Lauren Bednarz and Suzanne Meredith! 11/10/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Lauren Bednarz, a hypoplastic right heart syndrome survivor, and heart mom Suzanne Meredith, reflect on their philosophy of life, obstacles they have had to face and advice for other listeners.

Episode #3:  Seizing the Day with Myles Schweitzer! 11/17/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Myles Schweitzer, a hypoplastic left heart syndrome survivor and singer/songwriter, discuss how Myles’ music and parenthood helps him “seize the day.”

Episode #4: Seizing the Day with Tracey Grasty! 11/24/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Tracey Grasty, a transposition of the great arteries survivor and pediatric cardiology nurse, discuss how her heart condition affected her career choices and how she “seizes the day.”

Episode #5: Seizing the Day with Katina Robalino! 12/01/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and heart mom Katina Robalino, talk about her children, Katalina, born with a ventricular septal defect and Elena Zoe born with hypoplastic right heart syndrome and is now a transplant survivor.Katina also has a heart healthy daughter Anastacia. Katina Robalino, discuss how vital living each day to the fullest is and how she and her family “seize the day.”

Episode #6: Seizing the Day with Tracy Livecchi! 12/08/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Tracy Livecchi, a transposition of the great arteries survivor and psychotherapist, talk about how Tracy is living each day to the fullest and how she “seizes the day” by paying it forward to the heart community.

Episode #7: Seizing the Day with Shirley Collins Craig! 12/15/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Shirley Craig, an Eisenmenger’s Syndrome Survivor and heart/double lung transplant survivor, shares her stories on how she “seized the day” throughout her entire life.

Episode #8: Seizing the Day with Rachael Wright! 12/22/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Rachael Wright, Executive Director of HeartGift and ToF daughter, reflects on what it was like having a father with a congenital heart condition, what “seizing the day” means to her and her father, and talks about HeartGift, the nonprofit organization she works for.

Episode #9:  Seizing the Day with Dr. Wilson Lam! 12/29/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Dr. Wilson Lam, a Texas Children’s Hospital cardiologist specializing in adult congenital cardiology and rhythm disorders, explains how he seizes the day, what obstacles he’s had to overcome in working with adults with congenital heart defects and what’s new in the field of anti-arrhythmia drugs and devices.

Episode #10:  Seizing the Day with Jessica Gutierrez-Rodriguez! 01/05/16, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Jessica Gutierrez-Rodriguez, a mother of a daughter with hypoplastic right heart syndrome, shares how her daughter has influenced the way she seizes the day both at home and at work.

Episode #11:  Seizing the Day with Maribeth Poole!  01/12/16, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Maribeth Poole, a HLHS survivor and mother of a child with HLHS, reflects on how they “seize the day” and shares advice for other CHD Survivors, parents and anyone who loves someone born with a heart defect.

Episode #12:  Seizing the Day with Jackie Renfrow!  01/19/16, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Jackie Renfrow, talks about her experiences, how finding out her family had a deadly secret changed her life and what she’s doing to help spread awareness to others about Long Q-T Syndrome.

Episode #13:  Seizing the Day with Jessica Cowin!  01/26/16, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Jessica Cowin, a HLHS and heart transplant survivor, discuss what transplants she has had to undergo, how she “seizes the day” and why she decided to write her memoirs.

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