Season 5: Miracles DO Happen!

Image courtesy of pandpstock001 at

Image courtesy of pandpstock001 at

Episode #1:  A Twin Miracle, 5/19/2015, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Heart Mom Kathy Kolodzinski discuss the miracle of a twin birth, having a twin with an undiagnosed critical congenital heart defect and how both twins are doing today.

Episode #2:  The Miracles of Adopting a Child with a Heart Defect, 5/26/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Heart Mom Becky Ketarkus discuss the opportunities people have to adopt a child with a congenital heart defect.  The guest also discusses the miracle of finding Tess, how she is doing, what challenges she’s faced, and some of the miracles her family has witnessed along the way.

Episode#3:  The Miracle of Survival for a Baby with a Critical Congenital Heart Defect, 6/2/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Heart Dad Frank Jaworski, discuss what it is like to be a cardiac nurse and have a baby with a severe congenital heart defect.

Episode #4:  How One Little Girl’s Life Will Save Countless Others, 6/9/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: Mark & Stacee Miller, talk about the short life of their daughter, Mary Beth Miller, the miracles they witnessed and how their little girl influenced others to pass a law (about pulse oximetry testing of newborns) to save countless other babies born with the number one birth defect — which often goes undetected until it’s too late.

Episode #5:  A Miracle in Pakistan, 6/16/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Heart Dad Farhan Ahmad, discuss how he has changed the way children born with congenital heart defects are treated in the country of Pakistan.

Episode #6:  The Miracle of Growing Up with a Congenital Heart Defect, 6/23/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, CHD Survivor Diane Pucci, discuss the changes and growth in pediatric cardiology, as well as the miracles Diane has witnessed in her lifetime.

Episode #7:  The Miracle of An Ordinary Life, 6/30/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Wife of Husband born with a congenital heart defect Brittany Olizarowicz, talk about living an ordinary life with a congenital heart defect and the miracles Brittany has witnessed with her husband.

Episode #8:  Living on Faith – Miracles in Cardiomyopathy, 7/7/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Kristi Pena, Heart Mom of a Barth Syndrome survivor, discuss the miracles she has witnessed as her son has beaten the odds time and again.

Episode #9:  A Modern Medical Miracle, 7/14/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Heart Mom Sharisse Roberts, discuss modern medical miracles thanks to interventional cardiology, and gives advice to parents of children diagnosed with congenital heart defects in utero.

Episode #10:  The Miracle of a New Heart, 7/21/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: Congenital Heart Defect Warriors Stuart Watson and Eric McClintock discuss their experiences in needing and receiving a heart (Stuart), as well as giving advice to other survivors on the transplant list.

Episode #11:  A Mother’s Miracle, 7/28/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Heart Mom Angela Gilbert, discuss the issues Angela faced with her son, Gary, how he was able to overcome many obstacles to become a healthy 16-year old teenager, and advice she has for other parents facing the same problems.

Episode #12:  The Miracle of Giving Back, 8/4/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, CHD Survivor Catherine Scavone, talk about how Catherine used her experiences to reach out to others, the miracles she has witnessed, and the good that can come out of living a challenging life.

Episode #13:  The Miracle of a Stranger’s Gift, 8/11/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: Heart Mom Rebekah Simpson and Heart Grandmother Susan Mills discuss how a stranger interceded and helped save Brayden’s life.

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