Season 3: Finding Your Voice


Finding Your Voice

Episode #1: An Interview with Heart Mom, CHD Advocate and Author Lori M. Jones!, 10/14/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Lori M. Jones, discuss the books she has written, why she chose to write a children’s book featuring her daughter as the main character and what kind of advocacy work does.

Episode #2: Empowerment Through Helping Others in the CHD Community, 10/21/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: Wayverly Mouse-Evangelista, Susan Vanderpool and Natalie McGee discuss different ways they give back to the CHD community.

Episode #3: Living with Eisenmenger’s Syndrome, 10/28/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Carolyn Robinson, a long-time surviver of Eisenmenger’s Syndrome discuss how this syndrome is acquired, what the symptoms are and how it affects a person’s body as the survivor ages.

Episode #4: ACHDers on the Hill, 11/4/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: Michael Pernick and Jon Ritchings, Jr. discuss various ways adults with heart defects can advocate in Washington, D.C. and beyond on issues of importance to the CHD community.

Episode #5: Natural Medicine for Congenital Heart Defect Survivors, 11/11/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Carolyn Harrington, owner of Maty’s Healthy Products, talk about how and why Carolyn started her own company and how having a daughter with a CHD opened her eyes to the importance of natural products.

Episode #6: Teens & Young Adults with Congenital Heart Defects: Tattoos, Piercings & Alcohol, 11/18/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: Kaitlin Hutchinson and Joanne discuss their decisions to drink, get tattoos and piercings and any repercussions they have suffered due to those choices, as well as advice for teens and parents of teens based on their own experiences.

Episode #7: Parenting Changes: When Your CHD Warrior Becomes an Adult, 11/25/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: Alysanne Crymes and Frank Celeskey discuss the transitions involved when our CHD Survivors go from childhood to adulthood.

Episode #8: Surviving the Holidays After Losing a Child, 12/2/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: Sheri Turner and Kimi Baker debunk some common myths about losing a child, gain some valuable advice from two mothers who have been there and talk about some healthy ways to handle the most devastating event a parent can ever experience — the death of their child.

Episode #9: Forever Young: Dealing with Cognitive Impairment & CHDs, 12/9/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guest, Nancy Jensen, discuss the difficulties parents encounter when their babies are born with complex congenital heart defect and they also suffer from cognitive impairment.

Episode #10: Living with Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries, 12/16/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: David Franco and Carol Raimondi talk about the most common cyanotic congenital heart defect that presents itself in the first month of life — transposition of the great arteries (TGA), specifically congenitally corrected TGA or cc-TGA.

Episode #11: Saving a Life with Infant CPR, 12/23/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests: Ryan and Tarah Eland discuss the life-changing event that caused them to create a program to save a life with Infant CPR.

Episode #12: Saving a Life from Sudden Cardiac Death, 12/30/14, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests Ben and Miranda Weisbuch detail how Miranda saved Ben from Sudden Cardiac Death and about the foundation they started to help others identify the gene responsible for SCD and treatments to prevent the loss of life.

Episode #13: Expressions from the Heart on HeartWire, International, 1/6/15, Anna Jaworski (Host) and Guests, Angela Loehr and Megan Tones share how they started HeartWire, International, its purpose and who can benefit from being part of their community.

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