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Meeting Rachael and Sam: Hosts of ‘From the Heart Podcast’ Heart to Heart with Anna

Why would an Australian support group start a podcast? Why is it valuable to have ‘HeartKids’ doing interviews? What topics interest Aussies who listen to this podcast?Sam Stolberg and Rachael Knowles are the hosts of 'From the Heart,' a podcast by HeartKids – the only national charity solely focused on supporting people impacted by childhood heart disease based in Australia. Childhood heart disease (CHD) includes both congenital conditions, and heart conditions acquired during childhood. HeartKids seeks to give everyone with CHD  a fighting chance to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. ‘From the Heart’ explores stories of people impacted by CHD. Sam's CHD didn't affect him much growing up, as he played high-level rugby league throughout high school. Then all of a sudden he needed open-heart surgery at the age of 26. Rachael grew up in a small town and vowed never to let her heart condition (tricuspid atresia) get in the way. However, she found herself pushing through rather than processing the trauma she experienced, and sought professional help. Both Sam and Rachael understand the importance of advocating for yourself, being proactive with your mental health and resilience, and so much more. In this episode, they will be talking about their experiences and the podcast.Helpful Links:'From the Heart 'Podcast:’s podcast episode:’s podcast episode: organization Rachael mentioned which has helped her so much): Family Planning Alliance Australia: @HeartKidsAustraliaIG: @heartkidsSam Stolberg IG: @ronin.stolzRachael Knowles IG: @rachaelknowles_Please visit our Social Media and Podcast pages:Apple Podcasts: https://www.heartsunitetheglobe.orgNo Need to Explain with the Mental Health MamasParenting is hard. When you have a child who doesn’t fit neatly into a box, it can be…Listen on: Apple Podcasts   SpotifySupport the show
  1. Meeting Rachael and Sam: Hosts of ‘From the Heart Podcast’
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  3. Living with HLHS in Norway
  4. Beating Failure to Thrive
  5. Beyond the Scar: Bonding with our CHD Children

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