Meet Anna!

Anna Jaworski at the VoiceAmerica studio.

Anna Jaworski at the VoiceAmerica studio

Heart to Heart with Anna is an Internet talk radio show especially for the congenital heart defect (CHD) community.  The goal of Heart to Heart with Anna is to empower the CHD community by providing support, identifying resources and advocacy for the community.

As the mother of a son with a severe, congenital heart defect, the Heart to Heart with Anna Host, Anna Jaworski, knows what it is like to hand her baby to a surgeon wondering if she would ever hold him alive in her arms again. Heart to Heart with Anna will examine the issues that are important to the CHD community.

In Season One, every Episode featured Guests and a Miracle Moment. Our first season was taped on the VoiceAmerica network but has since moved to BlogTalkRadio. Season Two will feature Guests and a live chat session. Please sign up to be a member of BlogTalkRadio (it’s free!) so you can chat with us in the chatroom. Here is the link to our show:

If you would like to receive an eCard for the radio show, please visit this link:

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To call in to the show please dial (646) 200-4809. You can send Anna a note at


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